Friday, January 20, 2017

Fall and Winter Videos


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and we are ready to have a prosperous 2017.

Here is a batch of video from the fall and winter.    Many new ideas and thoughts in the videos.

Hope you enjoy the new batch of videos.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Summer Videos


Hope everyone is enjoying the fall temperatures.  Soon the fall colors will be here.   With the dry summer we had, I'm not sure how vibrant the display will be.   Let's hope for a good fall color season.

My latest batch of videos are mostly bird related.   I bought a long telephoto lens earlier this year with the purpose of learning more about bird photography and video capturing.   You have seen some of my efforts with the batch of yellow warbler videos I post a few months ago.   This latest batch has more bird videos.   Mainly these are taken in a beautiful marsh that I have spent a good amount of time at.

There is also a beautiful video taken at a animal rehab center called Back to the Wild.  I really enjoyed capturing those bird portraits and detail of the birds.  

Hope you enjoy the new batch of videos.